he took over ……

while I was practicing my lines in the script … people say 
 ”dont ever get fully into character always have something of YOU in it … so you dont lose yourself ” …… I couldn’t help it …… I was repeating my lines and everything  and listening to this one song that lets me hear his laughter and lets me see him and his story I saw in my dream ……. it was incredible the rush ! but ….. I lost control of myself ….. and let him out . now while I was letting him drive .. I noticed …..that this was the SAME one from my dream the dark and twisted funny joker I was face to face with … now I let him out and let him run loose  and it was actually scary ….. he has alot of problems and has secrets that not even the sanest mind can control . but after the lines were finished I contained him …….but the side effects on trying to contain him were me becoming SHAKY and weak . this isnt good but its very EXCITING to know that he’s there …. the one I had this dream about …… to know he’s there ……and able to come out to show in this film to share his story with you all ………. its going to be incredible . I really hope you guys get a chance to watch it and get to enjoy it like we all in the cast are seeing this unwrap . I wanted everyone to know im grateful for all of this to actually becoming one whole product that I seen . I hope the word gets out . I really do . take care 

"My Dream, His Joke Productions"