I never talked to my followers….. odd

I mean I follow you …. You Follow me …. I mean we must like something thats cool ! cmahnnnnnn  I mean I look at some of these post from some of my followers and I love it ! somethings make me laugh like my hero !  cmon people lets do this ! lets Chat ! 

This place deserves a better class of criminal , And i’m gunna give it to em’

so… after a LONG decision I’ve finally came to the conclusion…

im going to do a photoshoot ( thats been a definite for a long time just didn’t know with who) with my joker attire on

and a short film.. oh yes I said it … a Short film… I have to find the right people to help with this … the write director ( well friends that I know that are good with that kinda stuff ) good plots and everything …..

I wanted to do this for a long time .. just never came foward with it  just because I knew if I said this out in public .. people would either laugh and say w”what’s the point if its not going to do anything for you ” well actually look what happend to the Numa Numa guy  hey he didn’t want tat even to get popular in the first place … and what happend to him !? he was this HUGE sensation !  then there’s this joker impersonator on youtube …. he sucks .. horribly every video that I TRIED to watch without wanting to rip him a new one …. yes I seem liek a jerk when it comes to the jokre .. I seem like I feel like Im the best joker out there…. I know im not … I’m pretty sure there’s one person out there that’s RIDICULOUS with the joker … but they always have that one thing abut them they try to hard with the joker … such as the TICK …. ( the tongue flip) no … just stop no need to abuse it . and by the way .. when they do the laugh .. you have to FEEL the laugh … not FORCE the laugh you got to BE your character ….. and find what he finds and why its funny .  its funny …. whatever though im going to do this … and im 100% behind this . I just need  the right people the right things the right setting …. who thinks I can do this !