My Dream, His Joke.

So as it goes you dont know how you got to where you are at the moment in the dream it just HAPPENS . so I was in a room, dark …but all I heard was humming and walking back and fourth . I was very nervous, so as I went to stand up my legs were shackled to the floor but not my hands and I had two keys on both sides of me but on each lock was a bomb . so as I noticed it I heard laughter “so…. it seems your in some sort of predicament, I was in a predicament once but mine, I lost something dear but hey thats what happens when people just dont see the funny side” and out of the shadows there he was … The Joker . See normally, I would be pretty excited ….but in this case I couldn’t because it was my life that was in stake “whats wrong ? seemed to be tied up in something ? ” he said with a yellow grin ” well I am ok ? you happy ? my ankles are shackled together because of you and-” “AND WHAT!?” he grabbed me by my shirt “you think I did this to you ? do you even clearly REMEMBER why your in this chair huh? no you dont neither do you know who did this to you …but me being the bad guy you assume I DID this to you ” he had a point …just because im here in this chair with two bombs attached doesn’t necessarily mean HE did this to me … I don’t even remember how I got there I just woke up and I was like that , so I cant just say it was him because of him being the bad guy …WAIT ! NO!  its a trick … the joker does this …. he simply takes situations and twists them …. but makes them seem like its just society that does this. maybe I can play this game too…. “your right , maybe I was wrong …. your right I don’t know how I got in that chair either, But I do know what bombs do.. ” he looked at me with a very  confused look ” well, what do they do?” “well since your so confident in yourself come here” he seemed puzzled I was playing his game…but I was winning, or so it seemed. “let’s just say these boms really did blow up when I took both keys and unlocked them…where and how would you escape?” “easy I wouldnt be so close to you when you unlocked them” and before he got that last word in I took both keys and unlocked both ankles “you see JOKER … I know how you act I know who you are I know what DRIVES YOU its nothing to laugh about either …your just a poor man from a broken family you got caught with the wrong people …. became the red hood and-” and before I could finish the last word I had a knife in my mouth… “you think you KNOW !? you think you KNOW EXACTLY WHO I AM !? let me show you something …. you see these scars on my face ? wanna know WHY!? I have these SCARS!? well…one night ..when I heard my wife and I couldn’t afford anything anymore because the comedy business wasn’t enough and no one kept getting bored with my jokes…no one liked my material….so I went to one person I knew would get my wife… I was on breaking point …” this is when I knew I was going to hear what happened … or what he claims  that happened ” I couldnt take it .. she said I could do whatever I set my mind to I went to her she gets my humor I just wanted to hear her laugh and wanted to see her smile, instead of us being depressed and mad about the predicament we were in … so I told her some of my jokes…and do you know what she said ?” I was nervous to say it but I did “what did she say?” then he grabbed the knife with a firmer grip and applied more pressure on the inside of my mouth with the blade… it hurt I could feel it slowly poking through the layers of my mouth i tasted the blood little by little I knew I was going to find this “Joke” funny….. ”she said sweetheart…those jokes…they didnt really have a punchline you know you just have to cut straight to the point” there it was …. that was the punchline of the joke he was telling me “that ….one…awnser meant ….every..thing….to me ….. she didn’t even…have to say that..she could of lied…made me happy.. but NO! she didnt! she didnt care about my feelings !… you see JEREMY … no one in this world really cares about your true emotions why ? its because no one knows what true emotions are only at the time of dieing or the time of grieving ” I felt it , there it was …. I started to lose it …. I felt the blade fully pierce my cheek it was through all the way I had nothing to lose I just lost everything his joke… wasn’t funny at all it was sad…depressing…it was,tragic….a man driven insane because of one person …and one joke ..”so …after she told me that my jokes had no punchline to them…and they didnt CUT to the ending ….they werent FUNNY !? well I found the funny side to this … I found the funny side to her joke …. and why not sHAre the funny side to this funny JOKE! so I got a knife and showed her something …..I showed her life in all situations isnt always SERIOUS, you just have to loosen up and SMILE ! so I stuck a razor in her mouth …. and asked her what was she feeling ?” he started to tug the blade a little I felt more blood dripping down my cheek ….dripping on the inside of my mouth tasting the blood full of FEAR, but in appearance it looked like I was starting to see the funny side.. “she was terrified, frightened, scared did I care ? no …why ? because SHE DIDNT CARE ABOUT MY FEELINGS!!! SO NEITHER DID I CARE FOR HERS!!!” and so it happend he pulled the blade further down my face …. making a giant permanent grin on my face only on one side, I was feeling the laughter coming …. but not laughter as in funny laughter as in scared for my life….. he dragged me back up to his level ” you see! you feel that !? its funny right !? my life is just one happy thing right !? AWSNER ME !!!” I wasn’t feeling just one emotion anymore. I was feeling too many emotions for me to even pin point one ! then he stuck the blood filled blade back into the other side of my mouth…again applying tension …I was feeling sleepy I was losing too much blood ” so I made a GIANT SMILE in her face! so this time she’ll ALWAYS be smiling at my JOKES, always SMILING at everything ! no more being serious about every little thing ….at that point hey ! lets make a even bigger smile huh !? so I picked her up …this time she looked HAPPY to see me ! wit ha big smile on her face I asked her what was she thinking ? she couldn’t answer me she was so happy she was crying ! do you believe that !? so I stuck the razor in the other side of her mouth and hey wHAt the hell ! I made a bigger smile for her !” then it started happening again …. the blade starting pushing through my cheek even more I was feeling it hitting the last layer of skin , just about to pierce my cheek….”After I seen the funny side of my joke….I then thought….of..the child…..our baby…..what have I done ….” there it was the madness coming through again … he finally cracked , I now see the funny side of this joke, after all the pain and madness of this joke… I finally got the punchline . “I was starting to feel …. sad about with what I did… I didnt care about her emotions … only mine …. and now im paying for it .. I could of had a family JEREMY! I COULD OF HAD A FAMILY !” he started pulling the blade down my cheek I felt the blade tearing through my skin , but I felt this pain before so this time my face was numb enough so I felt nothing, ” As I looked at my wife whom was pregnant I looked at the crimson red reflection of this crazed psycopath of a man looking back at me … laughing……….he was mad! he  was CRAZY! I couldn’t understand how I could do such a thing so…. I thought if I didn’t care about her feelings at the time… then that makes me no better ….. so, I decided to get to the POINT! I stuck the razor in my mouth , and cut the biggest GRIN IN MY FACE ! SO NOW IM ALWAYS SMILING !..kind…LIKE YOU ! ” he then finished the job… he cut the smile into my face, so many things were running through my mind …. so many thoughts. I was confused, I didn’t know wether to feel bad for this man, or the hate him for what he did, to feel pity on someone that turned crazy  no… I didnt know what to feel for this …..poor soul. as I got up out of the pool of blood I left on the floor he was looking down at me and was laughing ….. he didnt care, he didnt know me , all he knew is I was freightend I ws scared but at the ha …same haha……time… I startHAHAHAHAed to LOse my GRIP !! HAHAHAHA ON SANITY!!!  ”thats it … now you see the funny side >8)” I then woke up out of the dream ……

my face hurt ….. my cheeks were throbbing with pain … and I spit up a tiny bit of blood from the inside of my mouth ….. my heart was racing but I knew ….. it was only a dream … it wasnt real… but then again …….what is

the story I just wrote was based off of my dream I had last night … with a little bit of my own story writing …. I couldnt remember alotof the story and fine details so I added some awsome stuff, well I hope you enjoyed it .