so … JGL is the holiday killer… I knew this since the fact was Released

I remember reading The Long Halloween . and he was in it . and I found a picture of him and WOW … he looks like him xD the cool thing about the new movie coming out is that its linked to Batman Begins pretty much Albert Falcone . avenging his father … so look at the villains in this movie …… Catwomen (Played by Ms. Hathaway) Bane (Played by Tom Hardy) and The Holiday Killer(Played By Joseph-Gordon Levitt) craziest cast for villains … Bane, Selena Kyle and ….The Holiday Killer !? SO AWESOME !!! yet again … Nolan ceases to Amaze me he is my favorite Director … his twists in movies … his choice of actors ? he doesnt go for actors and actress’s that are big time mainly …… he takes a actor or actress out of their element …. and makes them best at the newest one … exactly what he did with Heath Ledger … =’[ amazing and everyone can agree …. I have full trust in this next movie . anybody else ?! xD